The right kind of chaos. Please discuss slowly


Christiania is a consensus democracy. It doesn’t represent, it doesn’t elect, it doesn’t even vote. It decides by consensus. This is in many ways a defining characteristic of Christiania; everyone represents themselves, everyone is equally empowered. The dream society right? Some might say, but the costs come in inefficiency, time and the capacity to understand intricate debates. It can be an unfair process if these costs outweigh the benefits. This this a post about asking if Christiania really is effectively a fair society. Is it really the bastion of equality among the sea of subtle subjugation? Read More…

A day in the life of Christiania – the far from norm/ weird (delete as appropriate)


It’s been three weeks now and I have pretty much got to grips with how life comes and goes here like the swaying of the river-side-reeds between the current of the water and the eddying of the wind. James has arrived and life is grand, but could I really see myself having a life here? This is a post about living life in Christiania and if it is desirable. Read More…

Finding normal on the spreadsheet


This is a post about how Christiania’s remarkable economic health may pave the subtle brick road to normalisation. Read More…

If I pay you, will you leave me alone?

Many hear about Christiania as this anarchist commune sticking it to the government and living it their way. In reality, Christianit’s may live it their way in many aspects, but this is a community that has rules (precisely 9 of them), sends their children to normal schools, obeys planning regulation and infact effectively pays twice as much tax as everyone else in Denmark. Yes, the ethos of the community is freedom with responsibility (a vanguard of anarchism) but anarchism does not describe this community. This is a post about a very unexpected romance.


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A few pictures here and there

Reject economic growth to be happy?

Where better to start with a project on happiness and consumption that with Richard Easterlin’s most famous publication: ‘Does Economic Growth Improve the Human Lot? Some Empirical Evidence’.  This blog explores Easterlin’s ground breaking conclusions, their limitations and how they can be used as a framework through which to see Christiania a week before I start my residency.

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The State of Anarchism in Freetown Christiania

This is based on an article I wrote a year ago for Warwick University’s Politic’s Society magazine ‘Perspectives’. Though a little outdated and based more from a tourists perspective, hopefully itgives you the idea of Christiania and is something I’ll be able to build upon when I take up residency.

“Anarchism is often derided by the politics student as at best a nice ideal that could not possibly work in the real world, but there is an unlikely part of the world where the ideal has been real for 42 years: Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark. I had the pleasure of passing through Copenhagen this summer and having studied Christiania a number of years ago, I was excited to pay it a visit. This article is about the state of anarchism. Read More…

What on earth am I doing in Christiania?

Biff: I tell ya, Hap, I don’t know what the future is.

I don’t know – what I’m suppose to want.

Happy: What do you mean?

Biff: Well, I spent six or seven years after high school trying to work myself up.

Shipping clerk, salesman, business of one kind or another. And it’s a measly manner of existence.

To get on that subway on the hot mornings in summer. To devote your whole life to keeping stock, or making phone

calls, or selling or buying. To suffer fifty weeks of the year for the sake of a two-week vacation, when all you

really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off. And always to have to get ahead of the next fella.

And still – that’s how you build a future’

– Death of a Salesman

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